One of the primary jobs of any manager is to monitor employee morale. Some studies have shown that over 80 percent of employees aren’t passionate about their work. This means they’re not engaged in their everyday tasks and likely won’t be as productive as they could be. But perhaps even more surprising is that approximately 80 percent of senior managers feel the same way. When workers, regardless of job title or seniority, aren’t connected with their work, it’s only a matter of time before their morale starts to suffer. Thankfully, corporate team building can help—if you know when to use it. Here are five key indicators of low employee morale that you should be on the lookout for.

  1. Poor performance. If you notice that an employee’s performance has changed for the worse, it may be due to their morale. Has their attitude changed? Are they showing negative behaviors?
  2. Lack of interactions. Every employee has a different way of interacting with his or her coworkers. However, if you notice an employee’s personal conversations have changed or disappeared altogether, it could mean they’re not happy at their job.
  3. Uncooperative employees. We all have our moments. But if your teams aren’t working together at all, you may have a morale problem on your hands.
  4. Lack of initiative. Are your employees asking for more responsibilities? Do they want to learn new things? If not, they may be unsatisfied with their jobs.
  5. High turnover. It’s true that everyone can be replaced, but high turnover is often a sign of low employee morale.

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