What could your business do if you had a “dream team” of employees? Would you be more productive? Have greater revenues? Love coming to work every day? For many managers, this scenario is easy to imagine but hard to achieve. In many cases, they can’t even imagine having this type of working environment with the employees they already have. But you don’t have to fire everyone and start from scratch in order to build a dynamic team. You may just need to find time for corporate team building. Here at Room Escape Adventures, we’ve worked with hundreds of corporate clients who’ve used our escape rooms in Chicago, Dallas, and Columbus. We’d like to share some of what we’ve learned by working with these businesses and their teams.

  • Did you realize that “dream teams” often have three common characteristics? They like working together, they know each other, and they understand each other’s motivations. You can develop all three of these factors when you bring your employees to an escape room game.
  • Dynamic teams find ways to make use of everyone’s skills. Every workplace employs different types of people. You have extroverts working alongside introverts. You have creatives working with more analytical, logical types. Having your team work together at an exit game is a great way to put everyone’s skills and talents to good use.
  • Highly-engaged teams are more productive. Some studies show that these groups of employees will be about 30 percent more productive and require about one-third fewer hours to get their work done. That’s a major win for your company.

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