It goes without saying: games should be fun. Considering the diverse environment of most workplaces, however, it’s important for employers and managers to ensure that the team building games they hold will be fun for people of all interests, personality types, skills, and backgrounds.

Make It Fun

One of the key component of any fun game is that it challenges its players in some way. If you’re hoping to build a stronger sense of comradely and loyalty among your employees, one of the best way to get the most out of your team building games is to make sure that whatever game you choose challenges your employees to communicate more effectively, think creatively, strategize, and above all, work together. Divide your staff into groups of three or more (depending on the size of your staff), and allow them to compete against one another in a healthy and respectful way to win some kind of prize or distinction. Some of the best team building games are those that have a competitive edge to them, as they help motivate employees to succeed by improving their communication skills, thinking outside the box, and coming together for a common purpose.

Set a Time Limit

Another great way toTeam Building Games get the most out of your team building games is to set a time limit that challenges your employees to think quickly and work together effectively and efficiently. Some of the best team building games are actually ones that require few added props or game set-ups, but actually rely on the imaginative and problem-solving capabilities of their players. That’s why we at Room Escape Adventures offer room escape games with a series of scripts and specific scenarios designed to bring out the best of your staff’s creative and analytic skills.

For example, one of our most popular scripts provides the following scenario: your employees must figure out how to escape a room within a certain time limit or risk being eaten alive by a hungry zombie. While the scenario might sound far-fetched, the scenario’s fun and fantastic nature nonetheless sets up a difficult challenge for players to exercise their logic and creativity in order to solve the problem in a timely manner. Because problem-solving is such a crucial component of any successful business, the skills that employees practice and exercise in these types of team building games will transfer to their work performances.

Play Games Regularly

Holding regular team building games actually helps break up the monotony of work life and contributes to building a positive work morale. That’s why you should make game-playing a part of your management strategy. Remember: happy employees are productive employees. What better way to help employees stay happy than to hold regular, fun, challenging, and exciting team building exercises?
You don’t have to have ball pits for your employees to play around in (like some mega-tech corporations) in order to foster a healthy, creative and fun work environment for your staff. In fact, hosting team building games that require logic and creativity is a much better way to build team spirit and employee morale. Get the most out of your team building games by allowing your employees to play games regularly!