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3 Reasons Escape Rooms Are Great for Holiday Parties

As the holidays get closer, so does the traditional office holiday party. If you want to mix things up for your team this year, consider incorporating escape rooms into your celebration. Here are three reasons why you should have your holiday party at Room Escape Adventures:

It gets people out of the office. Having your holiday […]

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Shake Off the Winter Blues With Escape Room Games!

The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder. The fall and winter months can certainly be fun, but they can also bring a bit of the blues to many people. What better time to re-energize through a fun activity that’s challenging, too? Here at Room Escape Adventures, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our escape room […]

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Is Your Team in a Rut? Energize at an Escape Room!

Fall is an interesting time of year in many workplaces. While it’s a popular time to launch new projects and bring on new people, it’s also a time when busyness can sap your employees’ energy. Keep in mind that while you’re ramping up initiatives in the office, things are also gearing up in people’s personal lives […]

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Engage Your Employees With an Escape Room Adventure!

According to the Harvard Business Review, over 70% of people think employee engagement is critical to a company’s success. At the same time, a similar number believe that recognizing high achievers has a big influence on their overall level of engagement. So what’s the takeaway from these statistics? Obviously, employee engagement is something that companies need to […]

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How Escape Rooms Can Reinforce Your Company’s Values

Your company probably has a mission statement that influences everything you do. Quite often, these statements are grounded in a set of core values. From the services you provide to the way you interact with your customers and the public, your core values are at the heart of what you do and why you do it. Every so […]

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Kick Off Your Fall With Escape Room Games

September is typically the month when everyone gets back into their routines. School’s in session and activities begin to fill up your calendar. Your schedule at work may begin to pick up, too. After the summer, many employers are looking for ways to energize their teams for the rest of the year. Escape room games from […]

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No Time for Corporate Team Building? Try Escape Room Games

As we told you in our last post, escape room games are one of the best stand-alone corporate team building activities. In addition to the communication skills, cooperation, and collaboration that are required to complete the challenge of an exit game, there’s one other big benefit: it doesn’t take long to complete. Why is this […]

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3 Reasons Escape Room Games Are the Best Team Builders

There are many different ways to help your employees learn to work better together. In the past, corporate team building may have been as complex as a retreat with many different sessions or as simple as an icebreaker before a meeting. Over the past several years, however, there’s been a trend toward team building exercises […]

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Use Corporate Team Building to Achieve Your Goals

Starting a new project is a naturally exciting time in the life of a company. However, long-term goals are also vital to the growth of your business. To achieve them, you need to sustain your employees’ dedication, focus, and morale over an extended period of time. Participating in corporate team building activities on a regular […]

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Kick Off New Projects With Corporate Team Building

Around this time every year, thoughts begin to turn to the fall. While you may be looking forward to cooler weather, football, and sending the kids back to school, you may also be thinking about new projects at work. After all, the fall months are the time when adults usually buckle down and refocus themselves after […]

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