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Room Escape Games : For Those Looking to Get Away from it All

Building Success

Team building exercises are paramount to fostering a sense of morale, pride, and collaboration in the work environment. Time and again, studies have shown just how important employee satisfaction is to productivity: a happy bee, in other words, is a busy bee. An unhappy employee, on the other hand, may cause unrest among the […]

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What to Expect After You Play a Room Escape Game

Are you tired of the same old when trying to find something fun to do with a group of friends? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun and exciting team building exercise for you and your coworkers? own Room escape games in Chicago may be just the activity you are looking for!

What is “Room Escape […]

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Satisfying Your Craving for Room Escape Games by Trapping Yourself in a Room with a Zombie

Escape room games are gaining in popularity, but how many rooms add the danger and excitement of a hungry zombie? To get that kind of action, you have to go to Room Escape Adventures where there are just two simple rules: escape the room, and don’t get eaten!

Here’s how it a room escape game works: […]

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