#1 Escape Room In Columbus

There is 1 hungry zombie chained to the wall. Every 5 minutes a buzzer sounds and the chain grows a foot from the wall! Find the clues, solve the riddles or get eaten! Will you survive this hysterical, family-fun adventure?

You will travel back in time to find the legendary lost meatball of Da Vinci. Secret passages, candlelit rooms and a collection of mind-twisting pulleys and levers await you. Team work, determination and an appetite for adventure are necessary to complete this fun- filled quest!

Prepare for a rootin’-tootin’ good time! You and your posse have finally been caught and 60 minutes stand between you and the gallows. Cunning, wits and MacGyver ingenuity will be required to bust out of this jail. Billy the Kid couldn’t escape this one… but will you?

Grab your Aqua Net, lace up your high tops, and moonwalk back in time! It’s 1980 something and tonight you and your gnarly team of super freaks have made the VIP list to the party of the century. You’ll need to complete the challenges, solve the riddles and beat the DJ on the dance floor before you find yourselves Trapped in the 80’s FOREVER!

Avast mateys! A hapless pirate is in search of their missing booty, and it’s up to you to help them find it before it’s swept out to sea! You can’t do it alone, however, so the captain has recruited a whole fleet of ships to help them. Follow the maps, solve nautical riddles, and sift through the loot to find the missing booty! Able to accommodate up to 60 PEOPLE, this mobile room escape can set sail and make port at any of your function locations.

“This was one of the most amazing and exciting experiences of my life! I highly recommend it to everyone! Young, old, corporate, thrill-seekers, everyone will enjoy it!”

SV Padmaja


“Our group laughed throughout the experience and left feeling accomplished as we were able to escape with 38 seconds left. We highly recommend this activity for all.”

Melinda Meza


“This was the best time! Good for teenagers and adults. I have done escape rooms before and this one was way more entertaining! Spectacular experience for the whole group!”

Meggan J


The coolest date night ever!
An exciting family outing
Escape room – Perfect for birthday parties
Have fun with your friends in escape room

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If you are searching for an epic night out with friends or family, celebrating a special event, planning a team-building activity, or simply wanting a kick butt story to tell, Room Escape Adventures will provide you an unforgettable live-action experience filled with laughter and excitement!

Room Escape Adventures
1495 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

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~Follow the clues~
~Solve the puzzles~
~Find the key~
~Escape the room~
~Don’t get eaten~

You have 60minutes to escape the room. There is 1hungry zombie chained to the wall. Every 5minutes a buzzer sounds & the chain is released another foot from the wall!

Will you escape in time
Or..Will you be eaten?

Columbus is home to some of the most exciting interactive team building events you can find in the nation! Join us for the Room Escape Adventures series, two Escape Rooms Columbus natives and visitors alike can enjoy! Trapped in a Room with a Zombie was the first Escape Room Columbus could call its own, and our very own zombie, Dr. Oxy, has consumed more than 1000 groups since our original infection—er, inception, in February of 2014. Whether you and your team are Escape Room enthusiasts, puzzle fanatics, trivia terminators, or just looking for something new and exciting to try in our beautiful city, we have an activity for you!

Test your wits against a hungry zombie in the first two scenarios in the Room Escape Adventures series: Trapped in a Room with a Zombie and Still Hungry. In these challenges, you and your team have 60 minutes to solve clues, complete puzzles and decipher riddles all while evading the clutches of a zombie. Find out which of your coworkers is a secret Sherlock Holmes or which one of your bridesmaids can MacGyver her way through any situation that arises! Our escape rooms are full of puzzles and riddles that have left brain surgeons perplexed but were able to be solved by 9-year-old girl scouts—so it’s all about perspective and teamwork!

Here’s what some of our Columbus guests have said about our Escape Rooms!

“I wish I could give this a better rating than EXCELLENT; it was AWESOME!!! If you are near Columbus, and you like unique, entertaining, challenging puzzles…this is YOUR place for fun! We have participated in four different ‘escape rooms’ and this, by far, was the absolute best.” – L Suzi P., Trip Advisor

“Our group had a wonderful time. Both of our guides had a terrific sense of humor. Our group laughed throughout the experiences and left feeling accomplished as we were able to escape with 38 seconds left. We highly recommend this activity for all.” – Melinda M., Facebook

“Having been to other escape rooms, this was my favorite. We tried both of the rooms offered and had a great experience each time. The characters were so awesome– they used humor and stayed in character and were the best part of it…Definitely recommend!” – Alexis O., Yelp