Over time, it’s easy for even the most dedicated employees to grow complacent. What can you do to improve your workers’ commitment to your company and its culture? Maybe you should try escape room games!

Escape rooms are known for putting your employees in unfamiliar situations that require them to use problem solving skills and teamwork in order to accomplish a common goal. Our exit games are designed to get people working together while having a lot of fun. Chances are that when you bring your team to our Chicago, Dallas, or Columbus locations, they’ll discover new insights about themselves. They’ll also feel more energized and excited about their jobs. That enthusiasm carries over into the workplace, giving employees the chance to bring a fresh approach to their everyday tasks. Their commitment to their work and to your company will grow. You’ll see the results on their faces, in their attitudes, and (hopefully) in the bottom line.

Room Escape Adventures has consistently been named the number one team builder in the areas we serve. Get Trapped in a Room With a Zombie, find yourself in an 80s dance party, find adventure in the wild west, or solve ancient riddles in Old World Italy. Book now for an unforgettable experience your employees are sure to love!