Communication skills are in high demand by employers in every industry. Instead of the same old, boring lectures and workshops, why not try a corporate team building activity that’s fun, interesting, and effective? There’s no better way to accomplish all three of those things than through escape room games. In fact, communication skills are one of the main things we focus on here at Room Escape Adventures.

Our active entertainment model puts your team in direct contact with live actors. Every experience is different due to the high level of human interaction that’s required. But the end goal is the same—escape from the room and avoid being eaten by a Zombie! If your team wants to successfully conquer this challenge, they’ll have to talk it out together. They’ll build better relationships, which will translate to better work once they’re back on the job.

Escape room games also help break down the barrier between management and employees. Active entertainment like what we offer at Room Escape Adventures requires participants to talk to each other and work together. Everyone leaves their job titles at the door. This type of corporate team building builds relationships and trust among everyone on the team. You’ll see the difference when you return to your workplace.

Ready to take your team’s communication skills to a new level? Book your team’s trip to Trapped in a Room With a Zombie today! Our locations in Dallas, Columbus, and Chicago are accepting reservations. Don’t miss out on this exciting team building adventure!