A New Approach to Team-Building Exercises

Tired of the same old team-building exercises? We hear you! That’s why you and your team members need to get into an escape room so that you can figure out how to get out!
Here’s how it works: participants are divided into teams that compete against one another to find their way out of a challenging situation by using their creativity, ingenuity, communication and problem-solving skills. Participants are given 60 minutes to figure out a room escape, and the first team to get out first, wins!

Each scenario is designed to be challenging and fun, so participants can flex their mental and creative muscles while having fun at the same time! In fact, escape rooms in Columbus are so much fun, you might not even want out!

Escape RoomsBetter Play, Better Business

It’s been proven, time and again, that happy employees are good for business. Numerous studies show that employees who feel a sense of commitment to the company they work for, as well as pride and satisfaction in their work, will consistently perform better than employees who feel isolated or underappreciated. Happy employees will continue to raise a company’s profile and productivity rates because they often feel directly invested in the success of the company they work for. And, the truth is, if you’re a manager, owner or CEO of a company, the success of your company is based on the everyday success of your employees, and on their ability to produce quality and creative work.

One of the best ways to develop a strong sense of company moral is to have regular team-building exercises that allow employees to not only interact with one another, but also engage in meaningful, fun, and creative ways. Room escape games are not only a chance for employees to have a good time with one another, but they’re also great http://www.cialispharmaciefr24.com/cialis-prix-remboursement/ bonding experiences.

Many of our scenarios feature apocalyptic scenes, replete with zombies and dangerous, vile threats; in other words, the stakes are high and adrenaline often runs higher! Room escape adventures allow participants to feel like they’re participating in a reality TV show, like Fear Factor, The Amazing Race, or Survivor (without all the bickering and back-stabbing, of course). Team-playing is the name of this game because, if participants don’t work together with their team members, they won’t survive to escape the room; they’ll die with some zombie chewing out their brains (not, um, literally, of course, but you get the drift). When members do work together, however, they’ll end up having so much fun, they might not even want to get out!

Focus to De-stress

Stress is a major health problem, and work is one of the major causes of stress, along with finances, family, and relationships. Help your employees or colleagues de-stress by allowing them to have regular fun in which, for one hour, they are focused on nothing else but the problem at hand: escaping the room! Because room escape adventures are challenging and intellectually stimulating – but also really, really fun – they allow people to de-stress while staying focused on a particular task. For 60 minutes, participants aren’t thinking about problems at home or work, only on how to escape.

Try our room escape games today to have so much fun that you might not want out.