Play Smart

Games are a great way for employees to interact with one another while building team spirit and communication skills. However, the best games to play with your employees or colleagues are ones that are intellectually stimulating, creative, and above all, fun.

It’s no secret that a happy work environment is due to the happiness levels of its employees. When employees are inspired by their work – and by their co-workers and supervisors – they will strive to do their best. That’s why holding regular team building exercises in Dallas,  is crucial to creating and maintaining a healthy workplace. Team building exercises not only allow employees a chance to escape from the routine of their daily work lives, but also they also help to strengthen their communication skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities. If you’re going to incorporate games as part of your team building strategy, make sure that you choose ones that are as fun as they are challenging in order to make team building meaningful and effective.

Team Building
Think Outside of the Box

Room Escape Adventures quite literally allow employees to think outside of the box – or, rather, outside of the room. These scenario-based team building activities challenge participants to devise creative and logical ways to escape a room within a set time limit, typically one hour. The participants have to work together and collaborate with one another both effectively and efficiently in order to ensure that their team escapes the room before any of the other teams.

While traditional team building exercises can be boring, tedious, or slow-paced, scenario-based team building exercises are anything but: in fact, they’re fast-paced, high-adrenaline adventures that allow participants to feel like they’re participating in a real-life reality TV show like Survivor or The Amazing Race. These team building adventures have quickly become popular with many top corporations, as they allow employees to really stretch their creative and intellectual muscles in a team-oriented, yet fun and competitive atmosphere.

From Fantasy to Reality

Just like in corporate culture, the stakes for success are high: many of these escape adventures promote a “win or die” mentality, insofar as not escaping the room in time not only means you lose the game, but also that you might die from a zombie attack or exposure to a deadly virus. Though many of the scenarios given in room escape adventures are based in fantasy, their ability to promote employee bonding and efficient and meaningful team-interactions have many real-life applications. For one, all of the skills that participants practice – communication, cooperation, creativity, and problem-solving – are highly relevant to the skills they practice in their daily work-lives.

You don’t need to install a ball pit in your office (like some top technological companies) to promote a healthy and stimulating work environment. If you’re looking for team building exercises that will have meaningful and effective results, look no further than Room Escape Adventures. These team building scenarios are a fun, challenging, and affordable way to achieve great results! Plus, after a scenario, our team will analyze the performance of every team member in order to suggest meaningful ways that he or she can improve on communication or problem-solving weaknesses, in addition to celebrating his or her strengths.