Escape room games have become a very popular form of entertainment. What was once reserved for gaming systems has broken into a live, mainstream event. The concept is based on the popular video games by the same name. The object is to solve a series of puzzles in order to obtain the clues needed to escape from the room you are in. It is a concept that appeals to all ages and genders. It also requires the skills of a wide variety of people, each with their own set of talents, making this an easy way to have a night out with a group of people. From the partying rock star to the introverted home dweller, escape rooms are one of the few ways that people can intermingle and work together, while still having the night of their lives.

You will be Impressed

Adventure rooms are set up and designed for the ultimate thrilling challenge. It will take an entire group of people to solve clues and work together in order to escape from their locked room. It’s fast-paced and nerve-racking. Distractions such as live zombies only add to the thrill of the event. You have two options: figure out how to escape, or figuratively die trying.


It is not an All Night Commitment

Escape rooms work exceptionally well for groups of people that do not have a lot of free time. One of the main reasons that adults eventually cease to go out is simply because they do not have the time to do so. Children, work and other commitments cut off free time. Escape room adventures work well for this. The escape room in Dallas, Columbus, New York and other locations is one-hour long. It is suggested that you arrive a few minutes early, to learn about the room and what you will be doing. It is also suggested that you stay for a few moments afterwards, to find out the results and possibly take some photographs with your friends. It is possible to make this a full night out, and make it a well-rounded evening. However, for those that are pressed for time, this is a simple way to let loose for an hour before returning to your daily routine.

Anybody can Play

There is no particular criteria or qualification to enter the escape room. In fact, the wider the range of skills, the better your chances are of escaping. The clues are not readily available. They can be hidden on walls, in containers, on the floor, or in the least likely places to be considered. Once the clues are found, they need to be deciphered. This requires skill and teamwork. One person may overlook a spot that another person might consider. The wider the range of skills in your group, the better your chances is of succeeding. You need the deep thinker, the action taker, and the problem solver. No matter what your composition of team members are, however, you are guaranteed that the time you spend together will be remembered for years to come.

It’s easy to see why Room Escape Adventures is so popular. These rooms are designed to appeal to all age groups and all interests. They are designed for a great time, in a short time. It is guaranteed that your heart will race and your mind work overtime, trying to solve the mysteries placed around you. Escape room adventures have exploded in popularity, so why not try one first-hand to see for yourself what the buzz is about?