You open the door and walk into a strange room. The door slams shut behind you as you look around. The room is full of objects, some strange and some familiar. Suddenly, you hear a noise. You look to your right and you see a zombie staring directly at you. The only thing keeping the zombie off of your arm is the chain wrapped around its leg. Your friends have already started looking for clues on how to get out of the room. You look back at the zombie again just as a buzzer sounds. The chain loosens, just a little bit and the zombie takes one step closer to you. It seems to prefer you out of all of your friends in the room. It is at that moment you realize that one hour may not be enough time to escape.


This is one of the many scenarios that people find themselves in when they sign up for an escape room challenge. These fast paced, adrenaline pumping, brain teasing scenarios are guaranteed to put you and your friends to the test, forcing your group to work together to find the clues needed to escape from your room. This timed event will have one of two endings: you survive, or you don’t. There is no in-between. This is not something you can survive solely on your own; it takes not only your skill, but the skill and communication with your team mates as well to be able to successfully find and solve all of the clues you need to survive.

Escape Room Games

Escape Room?

Based on the popular video game, escape rooms have grown in popularity. Although there is a wide range of themes and styles, the basic theory is the same. You and your friends will have one hour to escape the room you are in. Escape rooms have become the new popular night out. It is inexpensive and appeals to all types of adults. It is a great way to have a good time with friends in a way that everybody can enjoy. It can be a planned night out or an impromptu idea on the go.

A Great Way to Break your Daily Routine

While Room Escape Adventures can easily be turned into a night out on the town, the event itself only lasts about an hour. This time frame allows for a break from your daily routine without taking up the commitment of a full day of your time. It gives a group of friends or co-workers an option for a change of pace that leaves everybody refreshed and ready for a new challenge. It is an excellent way to escape from your ordinary day. Nothing changes up a routine quite like throwing yourself into an apocalyptic room complete with live zombies.

While you frantically search for clues, you can hear the chain rattling again as the zombie gets closer. Suddenly you see your friend on your left being attacked by the zombie, he is out of the game. This is one player less to help you as your time runs out. Can you solve the clues to make it out on time? This depends on you and what’s left of your team. Don’t let the zombie take you alive—try Room Escape Adventures today!