Building Success

Team building exercises are paramount to fostering a sense of morale, pride, and collaboration in the work environment. Time and again, studies have shown just how important employee satisfaction is to productivity: a happy bee, in other words, is a busy bee. An unhappy employee, on the other hand, may cause unrest among the other workers, constantly show up late (or not at all), and regularly produce poor or middling results.

When people care about their jobs, when they feel valued and respected by their employers and co-workers, they almost always tend to exhibit higher standards of work performance. When they feel they are part of a team – an integral and valuable player of that team – they will give it their everything: they will strive for success. That’s why team-building exercises are so important to building team spirit in the workplace. But not all team-building exercises are created equally, and it’s important for managers to choose equally engaging and fun exercises for their team-building sessions. This is why room escape games have quickly become one of the most popular ways for employers to help their employees get away from it all.

Escaping the Workplace

Room escape games allow participants to get away from it all – that is, the monotony of the daily grind. The best part is that, while employees won’t feel like they’re working, they’ll nonetheless be actively engaged in building essential critical and creative thinking skills, as well as bonding with their co-workers and managers. Room escape games present challenging – and highly entertaining – scenarios that participants must work together to solve before a competing team in order to win. That challenge is, as the name of the game suggests, how to escape the room before the clock runs out (session are usually timed for 60 minutes). But wait: it’s not that simple. In order to escape the locked room, the teams must figure out how to escape whatever threat lurks outside – or perhaps even inside the room:  zombies, deadly monsters, etc. The scenarios are complex and demand a high level of intellectual and creative engagement. More importantly, however, the scenarios demand a high level of teamwork, quick thinking and cooperation in order to solve the puzzles and find the key to escape the room.

1Room escape games are perfect for those who want to get away from it all, as they give employees and employers a break from their regular routine for a high-intensity, action-packed, and mentally stimulating adventure. It’s no wonder these team-building games have become popular!

Constructive Competition

The business world can be a challenging one– and it’s important for companies to stay ahead of trends, and consistently come up with new and exciting practices and products. One of the main benefits of room escape games is that these exercises truly encourage people to be creative, to think outside of the box. Plus, these games are not for the faint of heart. The stakes are high, and the clock is running out!

If you’re looking for team-building exercises that will stimulate your employees to exercise their critical and creative thinking skills in a fun but challenging and high-adrenaline environment, Room Escape Adventures is perfect for your company. Get away from it all with room escape games.