Escape room games are gaining in popularity, but how many rooms add the danger and excitement of a hungry zombie? To get that kind of action, you have to go to Room Escape Adventures where there are just two simple rules: escape the room, and don’t get eaten!

Here’s how it a room escape game works: your group enters the room and you are locked in. You have 60 minutes to find and decipher the clues that lead you to the key. A zombie is chained to the wall and it’s been awhile since his last meal. Every five minutes, a buzzer sounds and his chain is released another foot. If you don’t find that key soon, the zombie will be feasting on his next meal – you!

Sounds like fun? It sure is; but it’s more than a way to pass the time with friends. When you come out of Room Escape Adventure’s zombie room, you come out with:

  • Team building skills: This is the perfect challenge for corporate team-building. You and your coworkers have to communicate and work together to be successful.While having fun, your team will discover leadership abilities and other skills that may not have been apparent back at the office. The lessons your team will learn about themselves and their team members translates into more productivity at work.Room Escape Games
  • Stronger families: Nothing says family bonding time like trying to get away from the undead. Forget petty squabbles about who wants chocolate milk in their lunch or which kid gets the top bunk. You have bigger fish to fry – like relying on your kid’s problem solving skills to work out a puzzle. It also helps that mom and dad can be the hero in helping the kids stay away from the jaws of the zombie. It’s the adventure the whole family will be talking about for weeks! Or gushing about. Because of getting bitten. Ah…see what I did there? No? Okay, moving on….
  • Introspection: You are going to learn a lot about yourself. When you are under pressure, you may just surprise your coworkers or family with your ability to make snap decisions and direct the team. Or you may see the answers, but decide to hang back to let others discover the solutions and get that important confidence boost. Either way, you’ll discover strengths you didn’t know you had.
  • Fun! Isn’t this the most important reason of all? You don’t have to go to a boring conference or get bitten by misquotes at the lake to engage in team building or family bonding. You can get all that benefit – and more – while having the time of your life. Forget sitting in front of the television watching The Walking Dead. In the escape room, you cialis generique are right in the action. You ARE the action!

We all crave adventure, and escape rooms in Chicago, New York, Columbus, Seattle and other locations are a great, safe way to get that adrenaline pumping; so take the ultimate challenge and get trapped in a room with a zombie. It’s a transformative experience you are sure to love.